Trick Or Treat For Little Ghouls and Goblins In Our Gallery

We are celebrating Halloween in our Robert Held Art Glass gallery this Halloween Monday!

Drop by our gallery on October 31st with your little goblin, witch or princess and we’ll give them a treat! Hours are 10 am – 5 pm.

We have skeletons, skulls, grotesque marble eyeballs and more Halloween fun for your little ones to get a thrill along with some treats!

We look forward to seeing the creative outfits and cutie pies from the neighborhood!


Skulls and Pumpkins Made and Sold At Robert Held Art Glass


All these studio blown pumpkins, skulls and other Halloween related art glass is available for sale right now in our gallery! This is one of our very talented studio art glass blowers, Chago. He has been busy these last few … Continue reading

Alvin Richard Paintings of Robert Held Vases

Meet a Canadian artist from New Brunswick, Alvin Richard.

Held Over Klimt – Alvin Richard

“Last year, my painting Held over Monet was a result of
discovering the fabulous art glass of Robert Held. This new
painting is a result of history repeating itself. Of life imitating art and vice versa.
This painting pays tribute to two amazing artists.”

Held over Monet – Alvin Richard

Regardless of the medium, art is an expression of the artist’s voice and vision. We are delighted to share Alvin’s voice and vision inspired by our own Robert Held. Thank you Alvin, Canadian artists and artwork is alive and thriving through artists like you. You are a truley gifted painter and artist, and it is our pleasure to showcase your art.

Alvin Richard’s Bio:

Alvin Richard was born in 1962. He is a self-taught artist living in Atlantic Canada. His knowledge of art history has been acquired through self-study and visiting hundreds of art galleries and museums in Canada, the United States and Western Europe. He has been greatly influenced by many artists from Atlantic Canada and several art movements, including Impressionism, Photorealism and Pop Art. He paints solely with acrylics

More about Alvin Richard-

Alvin’s paintings have been shown in juried exhibitons in the United States and in solo and group shows across Canada. He is an elected active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). His work can be found in more than 100 private/corporate collections in the USA, France, Australia and across Canada.

ARTIST STATEMENT- “I have always known what would interest me visually as an artist, and this was to paint the familiar stuff. I have come to realize that true happiness lies in the occurrences of daily life. With every painting I am attempting to document a glimpse of observation of those moments. Light, colour, perspective and composition are all vital elements that become an integral part of the work. My mission is to create images that will make you pause and reflect on simple moments that we just take for granted, and to come aware and thankful for all that we already have and were not aware of.”


Fall 2011 Design, Art Glass Gallery..Pumpkin-palooza

Our Pumpkin-palooza!!!!!!

****Note:  All of these pumpkins and fall related gallery items are indeed on sale! Come in to our gallery to purchase your own, one-of-a-kind Robert Held Art Glass fall inspired collection items*******

Our very own studio glass blower, Chago, has been having fun creating these varied types of fall pumpkins in our art glass gallery. These pictured above are one of the several pitchers with matching glasses designs which are absolutely stunning. A must have for any Halloween/fall party!




I had to add this close up of the beautifully designed pumpkin glasses/cups. Just so lovely!



Brian brought all of our product lines together…the ‘Starry Night’ platter, with our ‘California Poppy’ and a few paperweights surrounded by fall leaves. You know, our Robert Held Art Glass really can be used to complement any design and decor, just ask Brian.



The ‘Silver Wave’ products line looks great with colours of the fall leaves.




Our front window display!

C’mon in and get inspired.

Each pumpkin is unique, in shape and style. Love the squiggly greenery on top! Chago really had fun with these.

Brian’s Halloween design display is presently being implemented…….pics to follow. (yippee….Love the Halloween displays!)

RHAG Follow Up Fun, With Tourism Vancouver


We recently enjoyed the annual Tourism Vancouver Open House celebration event, held at Tourism Vancouver’s Visitor Centre on Burrard. These silver clad ladies were there to entertain and awe all of the guests. Gorgeous. Tourism Vancouver was responsible for assisting … Continue reading

Get to Know Brian, Our RHAG Gallery Manager/Designer

This is our Robert Held Art Glass gallery boss, Brian.

Many customers confuse Brian with Robert Held because he is the boss of all things retail here in the gallery. Robert Held is the artist, Brian is his retail tsar/star. Brian is in charge of all things regarding art glass in the gallery, including product retail pricing, quality assurance, gallery artistic decor and design, customer service and anything else that may come up throughout the day. Phew, he keeps busy and still has time to chat with our regular customers.

The history of Brian here at Robert Held Art Glass

Brian was hired to create, open, manage and oversee the retail gallery by Robert Held over ten years ago. The original space was attached to the studio, as it is now, however it was approximately 1/3 the size. Within a year, Brian began renovations to expand the space, painted the gallery colours of grey and black, and designed the ‘Italian church’ facade on the ceiling. Brian loves antique architecture, contemporary design mixed with  ‘old world charm’. When it comes to the interior design and decor in the gallery, he never holds back!

No detail is too big or too small for Brian.

He has installed an architectural reproduction facade archway for the entrance to the gallery. These are replicas of archways which were destroyed by an earthquake in Mexico many years ago.

Brian works closely with the glass blowers in the studio to ensure quality, quantity and whimsy for our retail customers as well as the decor in the gallery.

Examples of gallery designs and decor over the past years:

Brian goes over and above what is the usual for designing the decor of the Robert Held Art Glass retail gallery from season to season, genre to genre.

The French Provincial Garden with pond was a huge summer design installation for our gallery.

Brian has a great eye for detail. Notice the paperweight frogs in the pond, alongside lilly pads and fish.

An actual pond in the center of the gallery, complete with a bridge, flora and our Robert Held Art Glass. Neighbors and customers alike came in to throw pennies in like a wishing well. Lovely.

Winter wonderland themed interior gallery design.

This winter themed gallery design was like being in warm snow cave surrounded by beautiful art glass. What could be more dreamy?

Egyptian themed gallery design.

This was so inspirational, Brian’s Egyptian designed decor was amazingly opulent and left alot of mouths agape in awe.

Can’t think of a better way to display our jewellery! Wow.

I just can’t put into words what you experienced when you walked into this wonderous world in our little gallery.

Fall/Halloween gallery design.

Whimsically fun, and little scary, Brian’s fall gallery designs are a blast.

Pirate skeletons make me giggle, don’t ask me why.

The back gallery/ The Black Gallery

About a year and half ago Brian converted the back of the gallery into a into a showcase area called the ‘Black Gallery’, showcasing Robert Held’s one of a kind paintings, art glass and other specialty items.

The Black gallery also includes Art Glass from other designers which we love to showcase.

Side Note*

Brain loves dogs!!! (hint hint) as a matter of fact we all do. We recently lost our doggie mascot (sniff) and are extremely happy to receive visitors of the four legged kind come in to visit. Bring your doggie in for a treat so we can soak up some of their lovliness.

Barring holidays, Brian works tuesdays to Saturdays in the gallery and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Brian is the first and last word here in the gallery, respect him/love him, as we all do here at Robert Held!